Women Dominate Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]


The stats are in and women dominate social media. Where are all the guys at? In some cases women just leave men in the dust.

As you might have guessed women crush men on social network Pinterest. Only 8% there guys, come on you’re missing opportunity.

Social Media Usage Breakdown by Sex

Facebook: Women 76% Men 66%
Pinterest: Women 33% Men 8%
Instagram: Women 20% Men 15%
Twitter: Women 18% Men 17%

The only social network were men lead is LinkedIn, with a slim 5% margin.

Overall 30% of US women use social media daily, and men are at a paltry 16%

Women vs. Men Social Interaction

Support: Women 54% Men 44%
Offers/coupons: Women 53% Men 36%
Stay Updated: Women 39% Men 33%
Leave Comments: Women 28% Men 25%

Congrats ladies, keep staying social. Guys, you need to step it up.

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Pinterest is a Bigger Influencer Than You Think


Any fellow Pinterest addicts out there? The first step is admitting that you have a problem, and I definitely do. When I’ve exhausted checking Facebook, Instagram, and a parenting message board that I frequent, Pinterest in my next stop. And then the next thing I know, it’s four hours later, my mouth is watering with visions of desserts and delicious recipes and my wallet is cringing at the impending trip to Hobby Lobby for craft supplies.

Pinterest has done a lot of things right in its first few years. It has gained a huge following, opened itself up to businesses, and launched very user friendly mobile apps so that people can use the site on the go. While the network is not free of all Internet issues (think spam) it’s definitely a great example of a company that is run really, really well.

When you think about it, Pinterest is genius for everyone involved. Designed to be an online bulletin board, it’s perfect for users to keep track of recipes, craft ideas, decorating inspiration, and so much more. But it also drives traffic to websites. When you click “see more” you’ll visit an actual website. This has been a boon for many small blogs and companies that might not have gained exposure otherwise.

In light of all of this info, it should come as no surprise that Pinterest is the second largest referrer of web traffic when it comes to social media. Eclipsed only by Facebook and its more than one billion users, Pinterest is really in a league of its own when it comes to referral traffic. According to Mashable, Pinterest drives more traffic than the four other major social networks (LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, and Google +) combined. I particularly love Pinterest because the traffic is primarily organic and sites are getting people to click through because they are genuinely interested in what they are seeing.

There’s no doubt that Pinterest is a juggernaut when it comes to the Internet. I’m interested to see what the company will do next.

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Maddie Heinen is a regular contributor to ChamberofCommerce.com. She is a freelance writer who specializes in blogging, content creation, and social media. When she is not working, she is taking care of her two kids, husband, and home in Central Florida. Maddie enjoys reading, shopping, and is interested in real estate. She is currently working on establishing her own internet-based media company, Red Hibiscus Media, which will specialize in both online content as well as print material.

Pinterest and Holiday Giving

30 Days of Pinspiration Calendar This holiday season, many retailers and online businesses have made charitable giving a focus. This isn’t really unusual, however, the ways that they are going about it could be considered unconventional.  For the past few years, retailers have been turning to the internet for sales and marketing. This probably isn’t news to anyone. However, they are beginning to use these social outlets to promote charity as well. Companies are not only showcasing their own charitable causes, but also encouraging their followers and customers to do so as well.

One of the major social media networks, Pinterest, has taken it to a whole new level. For those who may only be personally familiar with Pinterest, let it be known that businesses are rapidly increasing their presence on the network as well. There are many ways Pinterest is being used by businesses.  Many use Pinterest for marketing purposes, and some also use it just to keep customers engaged, much like a blog or Facebook page can do. Pinterest has the advantage of drawing in people who are more interested in visuals than in written content.

This year, Pinterest is spotlighting 30 brands during the holiday season. In 30 days, these brands will offer tips, recipes, and interest stories related to their companies during the holidays.  Companies are able to pin images of products or things that they already have, or create unique images for this particular campaign. Companies can also explain further in the photo caption, what the image is symbolic of. Some big name brands and organizations that are participating include TOMS, Second Harvest, the NBA, and the Marine Corps. All of these companies will highlight their giving’s to local charities. TOMS will show it’s One for One campaign and the Marine Corps will presumably show their Toys for Tots program.

Some of the Pinterest contributors are geared more towards holiday traditions and fun activities rather than being charitable. It’s a nice mix of posts that feel “sponsored’ and those that do not.

While the 30 Days of Pinspiration calendar is likely already filled with brands, there’s no reason that small businesses can’t mimic this on their own pages. Here’s some ideas as to how to do that:

  • Consider pinning holiday related content in order to draw in viewers. As mentioned previously, holiday cooking, baking, and decorating pins are extremely popular.
  • Create unique content to pin.  You’ll get more re-pins this way. This can include images from your company itself, or even infographics that feature holiday themes.
  • Pin your own charitable ideas and charities that you support.  This way, your Pinterest followers will know not only who your company supports, but gives them ideas about where to possibly donate as well.

And last but not least, try to take advantage of Pinterest to drive traffic to your company website. This can include pinning photos that are featured in blog posts on your site, or products that you offer. Pinterest, like other social media outlets, is a great way to get people to see what your company is up to. If your small business hasn’t had much success on social media, then now is the time to prioritize your efforts and figure out how to succeed so you can reap the benefits of all social media has to offer. The holiday season is a great time to start integrating social media – especially when sites like Pinterest are running specials like the 30 Days of Pinspiration calendar.

Megan Totka is the Chief Editor for ChamberofCommerce.com. She specializes on the topics of small business tips and business news. ChamberofCommerce.com helps small businesses grow their business on the web.