Effective Strategies For Bigger Social Media Exposure


Social Media is an important part of any Business. Social Media is the future. It is the biggest component of the Internet by which a Business can reach millions of people. With so many companies competing for the spotlight you need to have some clever techniques for staying at the top and get the maximum social media exposure possible. Social Media Exposure

1. Find the right time

There are two ways to find the right time. One is to use your own experience, and the other is to use different tools. Experience is the key in most cases. The only disadvantage is that experience is built over time. You will probably run some trial and error methods for a few months before you find success.

From my experiences, for Facebook and most other social media sites, the best time to share would be when most of your friends are online. When your friends are online, they would easily see your updates and if they comment you would be available to reply to them as well. Another advantage is that people tend to be online on multiple social media sites at once. Statistically, that gives you a great opportunity to convert.

In case of Facebook pages, the most clever way to share is to first understand the locations of your fans. For example, if you’re in the US and the majority of fans are Asian, you need to keep in mind the time difference. It doesn’t help when you post an update when the majority of the Asians are asleep at night. If you have fans from all over the world, then you need to schedule your posts in a cycle. We will come onto that a little later.

People visit social media sites predominately in the morning and late evening after returning home from work. These are key times when your prospects will be online. So, keeping in mind your time zones, you need to concentrate your sharing around these times.

There are plenty of tools available, especially for Twitter, which allow you to see when most of your followers are online. One such tool is Tweriod.

2. Never Reveal Too Much – Be Descriptive Yet Short

People like way too many things and follow way too many people on Facebook and Twitter. So, naturally when they login to their accounts, they are bombarded with hundreds of updates per minute. Within those hundreds of updates your updates needs to stand out.

On Twitter, there is a 140 character limit. You need to be more descriptive and to the point so that your potential customers click on that link. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ don’t have that limitation. Writing too much when you update can kill the suspense and curiosity in your reader.

You should write in such a way that it presents an opportunity for your readers to learn something new. Saying more with fewer words is the key to getting that click we all want.

3. Understand Your Own and Your Reader’s Psychology

Before trying to figure out the psychology of your readers and what they love, you should understand your own psychology.

For example, have you ever thought what kind of articles you read and why do you read them. What makes you come and read them in the first place? Was it the catchy title that everyone brags about? Was it something new? Was it your own curiosity? Was it something that’s closely related to your personal life? Just think about it.

Have you ever noticed how your readers interact with others in the social media environment. Have you ever noticed the type of updates they comment on and what they write in their comments. Reading others comments can give you an outlook of what he/she likes and he/she expects to read in the coming future.

This is applicable for any niche that you may be in.

4. Connect Your Social Media Accounts

Connecting your social media accounts is important because it helps spread your word quickly and simultaneously. Bloggers, webmasters, and business houses are very active on social media sites. Have you ever thought why?

It’s because their potential customers are lazy. Normal people come online to relax, take a break from their daily routine and chat with their friends. They don’t come online to buy something so that you can get a commission out of it. It’s a hard fact. In order to make a sale, you need to change your reader’s mindset from “Do I need it ?” to “I can’t live without it”. This is something which Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs did with revolutionary products like IPod, IMac and Iphone.

But in order to this, you first need to get their attention. Now, the good thing is that people remain online on multiples sites like Facebook and Google+ at once. This is your chance to show them what you have to offer. Chances are they may not click your link at first glance, but when they see your updates on multiple sites, they may have a second thought and click your link to see what you have to offer. That’s why connecting your social media accounts is important.

5. Schedule Your Updates for Bigger Social Media Exposure

To run a successful business, you need diversified income and that can only happen when you have a diversified audience. The problem with having a diversified audience is that it’s difficult to reach all of them, or most of them, because of different time zones and other factors.

Scheduling your updates is the key to this. The best way to achieve is this take your best 15-20 posts and schedule them in a timely manner with suitable intervals into multiple cycles that runs for 24 hours. Next day, you take another 15-20 of your posts and do the same thing with them.

This is a great way to get some pretty big social media exposure because if someone misses one of your posts or all your posts in a cycle, then he/she can easily find it in another cycle because the cycle runs multiple times in day.

6. Advertisements

Along with social media, the art of advertisements has also changed.

On Facebook, if you have a fan page, then you can advertise your fan page or your posts. Both of them are pretty great for increasing your likes in my experience. Recently, I spent about $40 on Facebook Advertising for two of my posts from my facebook fan page. It helped me get hundreds of likes and a great amount of traffic as well. Here’s a screenshot of one of them.

social media exposure

For $30, it reached 16k people

If you have a budget you can easily get this started.  It gets attention fast and a lot and it’s very effective.


All of the tips have to be implemented simultaneously to get some decent traffic to your blog. These things takes months to develop and you can’t stop when you start getting social media traffic . You need to constantly work them for continued growth.


Lahaul Seth is an engineering student who loves to write articles on blogging tips, seo, internet marketing, social media. He is also a programmer and an addicted web developer. He is the Founder and Administrator of Lion Blogger.

Google+ Communities: The Great, the bad, and why you need to Join

In case you missed it, Google+ Communities launched about 48 hours ago.

It’s Google’s answer to Facebook Groups.  That new car The Photo Community - Google Plus smell jumps off the screen, but this is more than another shiny toy.

I caught the post Thursday on the Google’s Official Blog that Google+ Communities were being rolled out.  They showed some public community examples including The Audi Community, Star Wars, and The Photo Community (led by Trey Ratcliff).  The Photo Community has over 14,000 members already if you’re keeping score at home.

Later that evening it became apparent that Google+ users could create their own community.  Hmmm, should I do this?  What the heck, let’s give this a shot, and the Blog Community was born.  Come join if you’re interested in blogging and making connections.

The Great

The People – While the core of Facebook is friends and family, the active Google Plus user has more of an interest in industry and hobbies.  While Photography, Technology, and Social Media are some of the favorites, there is a wide array of topics that have a passionate following outside of the communities.

Categories – So you’re not relegated to one long stream of dialogue and content as is the case with Facebook.  The Google + Communities have categories which basically create communities within the community.  Below is an example of some of the categories from The Photo Community.  As you can see there are many categories that are included in photography.  This allows the member to hone in on a specific aspect of photography.  This is powerful.  Whatever your community of choice, you’ll find a layer that should no doubt keep your interest.

Categories - Google + Communities

Diverse Communities – Only two days in and there is no shortage of community topics.  There is something for everyone from Photography to Nuclear Energy.  Here are few to check out that look like they’re cooking already.

The Photo Community

deviantART Community

Real Estate


Makers, Hackers, Artists & Engineers

Friendly Interface and Search – The Google+ Community interface and search really makes it easy for you to take a look at a community before joining.  The overwhelming majority of communities are set at public, so the door is wide open.

Community Search on Google +

The Bad

Well it’s not all peaches and cream!  Google has a good reputation of digesting user feedback and making adjustments to create a better experience.  It’s a little tough to be overly critical after only two days, but here are two flaws of the Communities that have been discussed widely on Google+.

Currently if you post on a public community that post will also be shown under your profile.  This can create confusion especially if you are posting consistently in several communities.  It can make your profile messy fast.  Google has to allow users in communities to choose if they want their post shared to just the community or to specific circles in addition.  There is no choice right now.

If you are creating a community, choose very carefully if you want to it be public or private.  There is no turning back.  Unfortunately, if the need arises to change from one setting to another you’re out of luck.  If you wanted to go from public to private you would need to delete the group and start over.  That is a problem.

Why you need to Join

Ground Floor on Large Network – Communities are fresh out of the oven, and a great time for you to create your own community of interest. It’s unbelievably simple to start your own community.  Be one of the first to start a community in your niche, and build it up.

Make new Connections – The active users on Google Plus are generally not the same active users from Facebook.  Most pick one or the other to spend the brunt of their social media time.  This gives you the opportunity to make new connections in a whole new environment.

Many of us have made our strongest online connections in Facebook groups, and I have a few that are still of great value.  However, Google+ Communities looks like it has the makings to be a special place, and I highly suggest you give it a shot.


If you enjoyed the article and found it of value, please share.  Comments are welcomed.