9 Things You Will Quickly Need to Learn to Run a Successful Blog


I came across this awesome guest posting opportunity five minutes ago. Literally, five minutes ago. Five minutes later I wrote this post. Why? Well, I will discuss below, as my first line item. You learn things as a blogger, things which promote your success. If you are foolish you’ll ignore these lessons.

If you are wise you will cash in on these lessons. You must be aggressive to succeed in the blogging niche. Digest, and act swiftly. You will quickly need to learn these things to run a successful blog.

Run a Successful Blog

1 – Seize Guest Post Opportunities within Seconds

I remember a few years back. I’d struggled to generate one lead daily. I would write a guest post and 5-10 leads would flow in quickly. Now, since I am human, I forgot my success and stopped writing guest posts. But I smartened up a while ago.

Now I have 7 guest posts out there, either in the queue, or already published, plus this post. Guest posting is the quickest way to reach a massive audience, fast.

2 – Get Ready for Critics

Critics will find you. I have been heavily criticized for multiple elements on my blog and writing style. Why? Because I hit the “Publish” button for the first time 4 years ago and fell in love with blogging.

Do not take criticism personally. You receive opinions, or feedback, and if somebody is nasty, thank God for block buttons or blacklisting.

3 – Check Your Energy

I consistently churned out great content for months. However, critics were my audience. I thought like a failure. Sure, my content was excellent but on a subconscious level I felt no one would show up to visit my blog.

Check your energy throughout the day. Think, feel and act from a high energy, calm and confident place. You must blog with enthusiasm.

4 – Stay on Topic

Readers leave like mad if you change topics. I ran a personal development blog. Then I ran a cash gifting blog. Then I covered like 4 topics. Now I run blogs helping you generate cash online.

By staying on topic, you program your audience to respond to your persistent, consistent message.

5 – People Love Eye Candy

People rarely stuck around my blog until I used images for each post. Then I scrapped the images on each post but posted pictures of myself traveling all over SE Asia, from my top banner through my sidebar.

Images grab reader’s attention, quickly. Use images on each post or paste images all over your blog.

6 – Sell the Dream

Posting pictures is one thing. Selling the dream is quite another. I lived in Bali for five months, Phuket, Thailand for five months, and I hit a host of other tropical paradises over the past 2 years. Stop by my blog. I have pictures of many locations where I visited.

Read my blog. Follow my online cash generating tips. Live the dream like I live.

7 – Write Frequently to Improve Your Skills

As a newbie blogger you want to hide away. You write maybe once every week or two. Well, unless you are a talented writer bump that schedule up to daily writing. There is no need to post daily, but you must write daily to improve your writing skills.

The quality of your posts improves if you improve as an author. Don’t stop blogging. Write posts. Be patient. Find your writing voice. Prosper. Grow your audience.

8 – Write How You Speak

How do you speak? Write like that. Engage readers in a conversation. Be chatty with your posts. Recount your stories. Relate your experiences with your niche, or topic of choice, to make strong connections with your audience.

9 – Become Best Buddies with Influential Bloggers

I wrote for about a year until people discovered me. That is because I wrote for a year without making any friends in the blogosphere. After becoming good friends with influential bloggers, these buddies promoted my content to their audience.

Voila! The traffic started rolling. So that’s where my traffic was, right? Make buddies by promoting people aggressively. Post helpful comments to their blog posts. Build your network. Leverage your presence.

What tips can you add to my list?


Former fired security guard and current world traveler, Ryan Biddulph went from having a net worth of a nickel to generating steady cash flow online while traveling to tropical paradises like Bali, Phuket and Hoi An. How does he help you magnetize yourself to cash? To find out Click Here