What User Friendly Websites Consist Of

User Friendliness is one of the most important factors of building a highly successful website, no matter what niche you’re in. The term user friendly is often sounds so simple to people, but in reality this one task can be very unforgiving if you don’t get it just perfect. You’ll be aware of your user friendliness by the bounce on your site. Of course this means that you need to be sure to have analytics set up, so you can see exactly where your trouble spots are. Someone can always be hired to watch and report any trouble areas as business increases. So however you get it done, user friendliness is the place to start when building any business online.

Friendly Site Navigation

Since the beginning of the internet, people have been gathering research that reveals where the best  place would be for certain navigation on your site. This is determined by how the traffic interacts and flows through your site; through a series of studies like heat maps.

Studies show that one of the most accepted places for webmasters to place navigation menus is vertically on the far left handed side, and directly under your header stretching all the way across your site horizontally. The main area to avoid is the right handed side. There are exceptions to every rule, however for the most part, people feel more comfortable with the navigation on the left.

The right hand side of your website can be for anything else you want, even extra navigation. This really only applies if you have a three column website, due to your content being surrounded by the navigation and whatever you decide to place on the right side.

White Space

If you know anything about design or have ever been to an art class, you’ve probably heard of what is called white space. When you’re creating a website, one thing you can do to increase user friendliness is to maximize white space. This refers to making your site as open or uncluttered as possible. The most common mistake is putting up an excess of ads.  

Agreed, you want to get paid, and ads do the job. However; keep in mind readers aren’t there to be showered with ads the whole duration of their visit. This makes it seem like they are being pressured into something they originally had no interest in.

Keep the white space relevant to the amount of content you have. A lot of content means more white space because it gives your traffic resting points so they’re not overwhelmed. Less content means less white space to keep them on track. The downside of less content would be they lose interest faster. The downside to having more content is the reader may get distracted easier before they finish.  So finding that perfect balance of website space and content is vital.


There are times where being unique literally trumps all. It is EXTREMELY rare, but possible only if you have definitive proof your product, content, or website will be accepted. This is not a recommended way to look at your first website, only go this route if you’ve been in the game many years, or have that definite proof. Perfect example as we all know by now, Facebook. Literally revolutionary to the online world, but also a MAJOR gamble.


You probably are wondering why I’m mentioning content, but if you’ve ever tried to quickly browse a website that lists it’s top 10 articles of its blog on the homepage; you’ll understand why creating a unique title that is both descriptive and SEO optimized would be highly important.

Your content is just as important for your users because, the parts of the content that need special attention are the subheadings and titles of any content you have. For example: on your home page, your navigation again should be very obvious and stand out; do this with big headings or stylized backgrounds. On your blog or inner pages, have the separation of your content clearly defined with either H2 or H3 HTML tags.


When it comes to user friendliness you’ll be much happier if you integrate the tactics mentioned above. When people like what they are seeing as well as reading, and they can move through your site with ease; the more apt they will be to pass it on, thus pushing your popularity even higher.

Written by HomeNetPro We understand how important it is to have a user friendly environment for your readers, that’s why we’re dedicated to bringing you the most legitimate information through our totally redesigned work from home blog.