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Google G Logo:  How Imperfection Makes It Perfect

Google G Logo: How Imperfection Makes It Perfect

access_time November 15, 2017

Why the G, of the Google G logo, is not a perfect circle? Designers are already aware of it but

Apple Macs and PCs at Risk from Boot Bug

Apple Macs and PCs at Risk from Boot Bug

access_time May 7, 2017

Duo Security the boot bug issue by examining firmware on these computers, it is a type of embedded software that

Ask More of Your Phone: Google Pixel 2

access_time October 6, 2017

Design and display of Google  Pixel 2 Although only a few images of both Google Pixel 2 terminals have come

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Best SmartWatch for Working out in 2020

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This one is for the gym enthusiasts out there. If you happen to be an ardent fitness freak or even

How Successful Teams Use Project Management Software

access_time January 17, 2020 chat_bubble_outline 0

Infographic brought to you by Wrike software for project management

Best Android Emulators for Mac in 2020

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You might think this title contrary. In the first place if a person prefers iOS over Android, then they simply

Connection Reset Error: Top 12 Ways to Fix This Site Can’t Be Reached

access_time January 1, 2020 chat_bubble_outline 0

Are you wondering how to fix “Site can’t be reached the connection reset error.” Then you can learn about the

10 Best Android Shopping Apps in 2020

access_time December 7, 2019 chat_bubble_outline 0

Gone are the days where we used to visit the market or stores to purchase some clothes, electronics and other

10 Best Meditation Apps for Android in 2020

access_time December 6, 2019 chat_bubble_outline 0

People always love to improve their mental health conditions. For that, lots of people use to do meditation. Most people

10 Elements of a Successful Content Marketing “Engine”

access_time December 5, 2019 chat_bubble_outline 0

Infographic brought to you by Wrike low cost project management software

Best Android Programming Languages You Should Try in 2019

access_time November 6, 2019 chat_bubble_outline 0

Are you curious to learn how to develop Android Apps? Or do you want to learn about the best Android

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

access_time November 2, 2019 chat_bubble_outline 0

Got a new iPhone? Are you curious to transfer your old Android phone to your new iPhone? Then, Don’t worry.

Soft Robot: With Stretchable Transistor Enables Neurological Functioning

access_time October 28, 2019 chat_bubble_outline 0

 Scientists from the US of A and China have come up with a soft robot of sorts that combines the