4 Reasons Businesses Should Be Blogging

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4-reasons-businesses-should-be-bloggingMany businesses own and operate a blog. Blogging is quite popular these days, because it’s a fabulous way to market your brand. But unless you’re a huge organization with a dedicated marketing team, your blog may not be receiving the attention it deserves. As a small business, when you’re low on time, updating the blog is likely one of the first “to do’s” to be cast aside. We’re here to tell you that’s not the wisest choice. Blogging may not seem essential, but it’s actually more important than you might think. We’re going to break down the 4 reasons blogging is a crucial marketing tactic for your business.


  1. Want to drive site traffic?

Obviously, the answer is YES! The more traffic your website receives, the more opportunity you have to gain leads and make sales. You can drive site traffic by blogging, using social media and ranking high in online searches. Consider how many pages your website has and how often those pages are updated. Likely your business doesn’t have multiple pages being restructured regularly. Blogging solves this issue as each post is one more indexed page on your site. Which means, it’s one more chance to show up in search engines and drive traffic. The new content is a cue to Google and other search engines that your site is active. Blogging and social media also go hand in hand. Every time a new blog is posted, you’re creating shareable content, which exposes you to a new audience. Updating blog content regularly can also help you maintain your social media presence by driving new users to your website. Bottom line, blogging works closely with search engines and social media to drive more traffic to your site.


  1. Do you want traffic converted to leads?

Now that your blog is driving traffic to your site, you have the opportunity to convert this traffic to leads. Every new post brings another chance to generate leads. The more you blog, the more opportunity you create. Be sure every single blog post includes a lead generating call to action. In exchange for the visitor providing their contact information, you offer something worthwhile, such as a free ebook, free webinar, free trial, etc. This automatically turns site traffic into sales leads.


  1. Do you want to establish authority?

If you’re consistently publishing helpful content for your target customer, this will aid in you becoming an authority in their mind. Creating authority is powerful and goes a long way in elevating your brand with consumers and even within your industry. By establishing your expertise, your business develops trust and interest among potential customers. If you provide educational blog posts, prospects will enter the sales process more informed, which can lead to more productive sales conversions.


  1. Are you interested in long-term results?

Blog posts ranked in search engines will continue to drive site traffic and generate new leads for days, weeks, months and years to come. Your blog will be working for you even as you sleep, so to speak. This is exactly why the effort to constantly update your blog is so worthwhile. One new post has the opportunity to bring in more views and leads in the future. Not every post will be a compounding post but, the more you write, the more chance you have of generating a blog post that continuously garners new traffic, and ultimately leads.


Hopefully this serves as a reminder of how vital blogging is for your business. Though immediate results may not be seen, over time, additional traffic and leads will be automatically produced.


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