3 Emerging Technologies and What They Teach Small Businesses

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The way consumers use technology impacts the way they spend money on everything else. Even “non-tech” companies need to have a general understanding of the way people are using technology and what they have come to expect from the products that they use.

3 Emerging Technologies and What They Teach Small Businesses

As technology evolves, so does the mentality of its users and businesses must take a good look at how consumer behaviors are impacted by technology to understand what those customers expect from them.

Take a look at some emerging consumer technologies that will affect the way people live their daily lives – and should be on every business’ radar.

StoreDot’s FlashBattery

The days of waiting for your cell phone or tablet to charge may be coming to an end. The FlashBattery boasts that it can charge a smartphone battery in under one minute. The battery also stores more power than traditional smartphone batteries.

Small business takeaway: Consumers continue to want efficient technology that considers their everyday lives, and makes it more streamlined. Customer service means meeting needs quickly and offering something just a little bit more efficient than competitors.


Selfie-taking has certainly changed the way photography is taken and shared. Drone technology has changed the way items are delivered and photographed from afar. Combine these two technology trends and you have Nixie, a camera that flies away from you, snaps a shot, and comes back in a boomerang fashion. The images are taken in high definition too – in 1080 pixel video.

Small business takeaway: Consumers like to be the focus of their technology and have it go above and beyond what they truly need.

Microsoft’s Home of the Future

More than any other emerging technology, this will be what changes everyday life for consumers if it gains mass adoption. A virtual assistant-type voice “Grace” greets residents and keeps track of things like the home’s temperature, unlocked doors, who comes and goes when, and even what groceries are getting low. Grace, in essence, serves as a reminder of what consumers have not yet remembered to do.

Even a few years ago technology like Grace would have seemed like the stuff of science fiction but the advancements are in place to make it actually happen today. Couple the actual technology with the fact that people are much more open to hyper-personalization on their smart devices and systems than they were a few years ago, and Microsoft may really have a winning product in its grasp. Expect other big-name tech companies like IBM and Apple to follow suit, though, and soon.

Small business takeaway: Consumers have grown accustomed to businesses anticipating their needs. If you wait for your customers to come to you, they will buy the product or service from someone else who approaches them first.


What does technology teach your small business?