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4 Sites Oozing with Killer Content

Sharing content online has become an extremely important part of our online presence. While original content reigns supreme, a high percentage of our output comes from other sources. With Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and countless other networks surfacing daily, there is plenty of space to fill. Companies should have a focus on what they want to share with their audience, but there are so many small organizations and individuals that don’t have a plan. What should we post? Where do I find content to share? It may sound elementary, but you want to focus your efforts on content in your niche. Starbucks is not talking about Healthcare on their Twitter feed, and you shouldn’t get too far away from your core either.

So, where do I find quality content on large range of topics? Facebook, Twitter, Google + are laced with great content. This issue with these three giants is that it becomes a hunt, and it wouldn’t be deemed the most efficient way to curate. Below are 4 sites that give you the key to a quantity of quality.

Scoop.It! – Allows individuals and organizations to create online magazines. As an user you create topics with keywords. So you create a topic called “Social Media Now” and use the keywords Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. When you hit the “Curate” button recent stories will appear that include one or more of your keywords. You can then Scoop-It for your magazine. This content is now a part of your magazine for that topic. You have the option to share any story on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Linkedin at the same time via a check box system. You can also share to Pinterest, Google +, and StumbleUpon through the Scoop-It interface. It’s a fairly open network that allows you to follow, rescoop, and favorite content of others. It’s not going to be confused with Facebook in terms of interaction with other users, but there is definitely a fair amount of give and take that makes the experience worthy. My one suggestion here would be to not exceed 3 topics. It becomes too much to manage when you have too many topics.

Business 2 Community – B2C is a blog syndicate focused on Social Media, Technology, and Business, etc. It also spans to topics such as Automotive, Entertainment, and Sports to name a few. Their content originates from thousands of bloggers that connect to the network. This content is republished on the B2C site by category within 1-5 days of the original posting. There is a ton of valuable content on the site and it just keeps on coming. A new article appears every 10-20 minutes and starts on the front page. After its time on the front page you can find it sitting in a specified category. It would take you weeks to read all the content on B2C at any one time. As with Scoop-It sharing is made easy across all the major networks. As a matter of fact, this article with be on the B2C site in the next couple of days.

Topsy – Is a real-time search engine that really meshes well with Twitter. This network launched almost three years ago to the day, and seems to fall under the radar. You need to get in there and experience, especially if you’re active on Twitter. When you first go to the site you’ll see what is trending today and a small orange number that shows the number of times the story has been posted. You’ll also see a Real-Time Search Box. Below is a search for “Marketing Strategy” with some of the stats. You can retweet a story right from the interface. Topsy also allows too follow users on Twitter by hovering over their picture without leaving the network. Finally, you can search by Photos, Videos, and Experts.

Google Alerts – This last one isn’t exactly a site. Google Alerts updates you via e-mail for the latest relevant Google results. You manage how often and how many results you receive. It’s painless to set up, and your topic of interest is delivered right to your inbox. Most of us have at least one topic we want to keep tabs on, and Google Alerts is your answer.

Check out these 4 sites if you haven’t already. So, what are your go to sites for content? Please share them with us in the comment section. Have a good one.

Friday Featured Four 5/18/12

What a week. Still can’t believe the Facebook (FB) IPO today was such a dud. I guess with 571 million shares it’s hard to pop a double figure percentage, but just a gain of $0.23. Ugh. This market is in trouble. Anyway, onto our Friday Featured Four. This week the FFF hail from Philadelphia, Michigan, Oregon, and Dubai.

Anise Smith – Where do I start? Anise has an incomprehensible passion for Social Media and its peripherals. These peripherals include Mobile Marketing, QR Code Marketing, Web Analytics, and Custom Facebook iFrame applications. Anise loves what she does and it shines through with the work she delivers. If you’re up at 3AM Eastern, you’ll likely find Anise on one of the many networks she frequents. Anise isn’t much of a sleeper. Always moving. Earlier this year she started a site in partnership with her Father Earl Smith Heal or Die Trying which focuses on health and making healthier choices. Anise is constantly giving and is involved with several charitable projects. All Philly, all the time, and a huge Shaquille O’Neal fan.

Facebook                                                                         Twitter

Anise Smith                                                                   QR Code

Facebook Page                                                               Anise Smith Marketing

Brian D. HawkinsBrian is the man behind Hot Blog Tips, and one of the most experienced bloggers you’ll come across today. Brian is from Michigan, and a proud veteran of the US Army. Brian wants to make you a better blogger. He has over 10 years experience and really understands the process of blogging. His site is loaded with great content for all bloggers looking to learn and improve. I pick up something new with every visit, and that’s why I keep going back. Brian cuts through the BS and tells you like it is and what you need to do. If you’re a blogger and/or interested in SEO, get over to his site this week.

Facebook                                                                        Twitter

Klout                                                                              LinkedIn

Empire Avenue                                                             Google +

Ryan J ZeiglerRyan is one of those guys online that knows a lot about a lot. A super talented photographer and very cerebral in nature, Ryan has made his presence felt through the computer screen. Ryan is the founder and manages arguably the best Empire Avenue group on Facebook called Social Empire. There have been many solid relationships built in that group, and the subject matter is diverse. Ryan’s is an accomplished photographer, and consistently delivers breathtaking photographs on many networks. Make sure you check out Ryan’s photography at Flickr, Instagram, and the networks below.

Facebook                                                                       Twitter

Social Currency                                                           Klout

Empire Avenue                                                            Google +

Rami KantariRami is a partner at Meirc Training and Consulting, located in beautiful Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Meirc offers an impressive range of training, consulting and research services in the business field. Rami’s participation in Social Media is nothing short of impressive. He doesn’t seem to miss a day on the major social networks, and he’s always sharing interesting information. By the way, Rami was a swimmer for his home country of Lebanon, and competed in the 1984 (Los Angeles) and 1988 (Seoul) Olympic games. Please take some time to visit Rami’s networks below.

Facebook                                                                       Twitter

Blog                                                                               Klout

Empire Avenue                                                           Google +


Have a safe and enjoyable weekend…



4 Surefire Ways to Influence your Klout Score


If you care about your Klout score, but tend to struggle increasing the number, this is for you. Here’s more on Klout if you’re new to the platform.  While the Klout score tends to garner more weight in Social Media and Marketing, other verticals such as retail and food have felt the influence.  The mysterious Klout algorithm has definitely showed its hand since the controversial update back in October 2011.  So if you’re looking to improve your score for business reasons or you just want to be eligible for the premium perks, digest and follow these 4 ways below.

ActivityIf your not active let me introduce you to the Klout 20’s.  Even our buddy Justin Bieber, the creme de la creme of Klout with a score of 100, is highly active on Twitter.  He’s tweeted over 15K times.  With 21 million followers, you can imagine the number of RT’s and mentions he gets per tweet.  Someday.  If you really want to improve your score you need to be active 5-7 days a week.  Once you get to a number that is satisfying, you can generally take some time off without too much damage.  Although, the higher your score, the less forgiving Klout is to inactivity.  In order to have influence, you have to show up.

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook – Your Klout score is derived from your influence on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, and Foursquare.  First thing, LinkedIn and Foursquare have little or no effect on your Klout score.  I’ve yet to see a profile where they account for more than 1-2%.  Since Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ has to be connected to generate a score, it makes sense that LI and foursquare don’t play much of a part.  All things being equal, Facebook makes up the brunt of your score.  So if your activity is equal on FB, Twitter, and G+, your Facebook activity will have the greatest impact on your Klout score.  Even when your activity is slightly greater on another network, Facebook will count the most.  See the diagram below.  Now, if you have blowout volume on Twitter or G+, that network will take the lead.  Bobbi Jo Woods is a monster on G+.  Over 51K people have her in their circles and every post is a +1 and sharing bonanza.  Her Klout break down is 99% G+ and 1% Facebook.  She has a Klout score of 80.  Impressive.  For most, Facebook will be your driver.  Spend your time there and make it happen.

Photographs, and more Photographs – So Likes and Comments are the crux of your Klout score when Facebook is the lead dog.   Posting a beautiful photograph of mountains, the sky, or moon are “like” gold.  Post it and they will come.  The “Likes” will fall from the heavens and splash on your wall.  In many cases, the comments will follow closely on the heals of the like.  A collage from National Geographic can be your buddy, and your friends and followers will eat it up.  Now, if you actually post tantalizing pictures that you actually take yourself, jackpot.  Did I mention photos of kittens? Dogs? Just about any animal will work.  Most people love a quality photograph.  A motivating or witty quote with a picture background is the next best choice.  Sprinkle some photographs and quotes with your other content, and your Klout score will be off to the races.  This does work.

Grow your Following and Increase Friends – This is just the “law of averages” at play. While it’s not impossible to have a high score with a modest number of followers and friends, most of the users in 70+ land share high followers/friends numbers.  It doesn’t mean you have to friend every Tom, Dick, and Harry on Facebook.  However, with a mindset to expand your reach you’ll undoubtedly be taking steps to build an audience that will like, comment, share, retweet, and +1.  Your odds will simply increase, and more importly you’ll be “meeting” some great people along the way.

Klout Scores of Notables in Social Media

Guy Kawasaki           86       @guykawasaki

Robert Scoble            82       @scobleizer
Marie Smith              78       @marismith
Chris Voss                 78       @chrisvoss
Scott Stratten            75       @unmarketing
Chris Brogan             74       @chrisbrogan
Gary Vaynerchuk     70       @garyvee
Jason Falls                  70      @jasonfalls
Ann Handley            69      @marketingprofs
Brian Solis                 69      @briansolis

Please take your Klout score with a grain of salt.  It really doesn’t mean anything.  It’s not like you would lose a job opportunity because of it…Well

Do you care about Klout? How often do you check it? What have you done to help your score? Please leave your comments below…