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This is arguably More Important than Content…

Content is King! Content is King! Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I know Thoreau would be envious of your work. Unfortunately, if no one is showing up to see your incredible content, then what’s the point? Marketing and bringing people to read your blog posts arguably trumps content, at least in the beginning when you’re building an audience. The “Build it and they will Come” mentality doesn’t apply in this world. Over the last year I’ve viewed hundreds of solid blog posts, and I’m always shocked on how many have little or no shares and no comments. They are not getting the exposure that their writing deserves. Are you getting the exposure you deserve? If not, you have to take it upon yourself to bring readers to your blog.

Facebook Groups: There are Facebook Groups out there where it’s all about sharing and reciprocation. Many FB groups are about helping each other. I’m sure many of you reading aren’t even aware of these groups. They work. If you’re interested in joining a FB group, ping me or leave comment. I’ll be happy to assist and get you started.

StumbleUpon: Yes, I wrote a post a few weeks ago dedicated to StumbleUpon. Maybe if you keep seeing the name, you’ll jump on board and take advantage of the traffic SU can bring to your blog. I’ve had over 2K visits from StumbleUpon in January, and average time on site was 1:32. Even from past posts, I’m still getting traffic daily from SU. These articles stay in StumbleUpon, and do not go off to pasture immediately. Please do yourself a favor and join SU today. The traffic is waiting for you.

Triberr: Bloggers helping Bloggers. Triberr is a fantastic way to get readers to find your blog. While Triberr was by “invitation only” last year, it is now open to all. Triberr is a community where you share posts with other bloggers in your tribe. These posts are sent out with a link through Twitter. A general rule of thumb is to have at least 500 Twitter followers. If you’re serious about your blog and gaining traffic, Triberr is a must. If you blog about Social Media, Technology, or Marketing and are interested in Triberr please let me know.

Empire Avenue: While Empire Avenue isn’t for everyone, if you do decide to register there are communities and missions within EA which are very helpful to bringing readers to your blog. Empire is a Social Network where you buy and sell other players in a virtual stock market. Your Social Media activity influences your score. Empire requires a fair amount time the first 4-6 months as you build up your portfolio.

Share Buttons: I see many blogs that only have Facebook and Twitter share buttons. I highly suggest at minimum you have the following: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, StumbleUpon, and LinkedIn. Other share buttons to think about adding are: Digg, Buffer, Reddit, and Pinterest. Yes, there is a Pinterest share button now available. Update your site, and make it easier for your readers to share to their networks.

Comment on other Blogs: I understand it takes time to read a blog and then put a couple of sentences together, but most appreciate it and will reciprocate at some point. Do not comment with “nice post” or “nice article” and nothing else. That tells me you probably didn’t read a word, and are just leaving a message to leave a message. Start commenting on a few blogs a week to start. Inevitably you’ll be learning something new by reading the blog, and commenting is good practice that will help you get comments in return.

Keywords: Keywords can take on a life of its own, but at least try to come up with some Keywords that aren’t so highly competitive that you’ll have a good shot of landing on page 1 in Google. Social Media is a highly competitive keyword and is not a good choice for most of us, but think niche and chances are your work will show up in some organic searches.

Having a nice new shiny car is fantastic, but if you don’t put gas in the car it’s pretty useless. Go out there and put some gas in your blog.

How many of your 100K+ Twitter Followers are Real?

I often marvel at Tweeps that have a follower count north of 100K. I’m talking about non-celebrities of course. This is quite a feat no matter how one arrived at this number. While there are hundreds of Twitter tools out there that can assist in getting followers, it still takes time. You could use every trick in the book, including automated services (usually a no-no which violates Twitter’s TOS), and it would still probably take a year to get over the 100K line. While I’ve always found it to be an impressive number, I know it’s not a real number. Our followers include Bots and inactive users. Everyone has their own definition of an inactive follower, but I would say someone that hasn’t sent a Tweet in an over a month to be inactive. So how many inactive followers do you have?

SocialBro is a tool that allows you to manage and analyze your Twitter Community. It helps in getting your arms around the question in the title, and plenty more. Other Tools include monitoring a hashtag, analyzing your lists, Best time to Tweet, and analyzing competitors. SocialBro also provides a dynamite filtering system where you can isolate certain groups of users.

The chart above from SocialBro shows number of followers and when they last sent a Tweet.

Twitter Followers – 12,018
Tweeted in the last Month – 9,047 (Active)
Tweeted over a Month Ago – 2,971 (Inactive)

So based on my definition of an Active Follower (Tweeted in last month) my percentage is 75.3%. It is actually a bit higher than I anticipated. However, it also means that almost 3K or 24.7% of my Followers are dust. Valuable information that gives you a better grasp of your Twitter account. There isn’t any reason to follow these inactive Tweeps. If you’re serious about your Twitter account, this Tool in SocialBro gives you the foundation to do some cleanup.

Real-Time Analytics – Drum roll please…Earlier this week SocialBro unveiled a Real-Time Analytics feature to its Tool set. This allows you to view active users, and shows their total number of followers, that have tweeted in the last 5 minutes. The screen updates automatically every 10 seconds. This is some great stuff. The picture a below is a screenshot from Tuesday.

Damn, only 86. I actually watched over the last two days, and 97 was the highest it reached. So with over 12K Followers (yes I know about 3K are inactive) there are only 75-97 actively using Twitter at any one time. Ugh. Just to give you some perspective, my 2nd Twitter account started a month ago and just shy of 300 followers, was running between 15-20. This account is primarily filled with people I know. So 86/12,018 versus 17/291. Well, you can do the math. While you can’t control who follows you, being more selective of whom you follow should lead to a more efficient Twitter account.

So do you really have 100K followers? Well not really. Go over to SocialBro and find out your real numbers.

Determination, Social Media, and Tim Tebow

Wow. What an amazing finish Sunday as the heroics of Tim Tebow led the Denver Broncos to an upset win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. By now, you must have at least heard of Tim Tebow, even if you weren’t fortunate enough view the thriller two days ago. I asked a handful in my network recently from India and Malaysia, and 4 out of 5 were familiar with Mr. Tebow. He’s worldwide now.

Tebow Biography – Tebow was born in Makati City in the Philippines. His American parents, Robert and Pamela, were serving as Christian Baptist missionaries at the time. Tim and his four siblings were all homeschooled. This is all starting to make sense now. The Tebow’s found their way to Florida, where Tim became a Football Prep Star. He led Nease HS to a State Championship, and was named to the Parade All-American team. Tim was highly recruited, but decided to stay home to attend football powerhouse University of Florida. The success continued, and when Tebow was through, he had led the Gators to 2 National Championships. He was also named the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner. Tim’s NFL potential as an NFL QB was highly questioned, and he dropped to the 25th overall selection by the Broncos in 2010.

Determination and Positivity – Boy if there is ever a case study for the Power of Positivity and Determination, it’s been exemplified by Tim Tebow this year. Tebow started the year on the bench as the Broncos started 1-4. Tebow was inserted in the fifth game of the season at halftime and came up just short of erasing a 16 point deficit against SD. The next week against Miami he started. Down 15-0 in the 4th, the Broncos stormed back and won in overtime. After a thrashing at home against the Lions, the Broncos went on to win their next 6, and a star was born. His QB style isn’t pretty. Tim is not often mentioned in the same conversation with the NFL elite QB’s Brady, Brees, and Rodgers. What Tim does share with these elite 3 is heart, and arguably more heart. He doesn’t quit. His will and determination are contagious. Everyone on that Bronco team believes in him, and their play has risen as a result. His talent is below the average NFL QB, but it should serve as example to all of us. What we lack in talent, can be overcome, and good things result.

The Religious Side – Tebow has gained as much prominence from his strong religious beliefs as with his play on the field. His first words after the Steeler victory Sunday, “First and foremost I want to thank my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. He’s done so much in my life.” His Christianity is stamped on his forehead. Some are fine with it, some aren’t, but it is definitely a big part of his persona. It adds to the intrigue, and is part of the reason that Sunday’s Wildcard playoff game was the highest rated in 24 years with 25.9 overnight rating.

Some interesting numbers from Sunday:

1) Tebow – 316 Yards Passing – Averaged 31.6 per pass (10 Completions) (Fox Sports)
2) 31.6 TV Rating between 8:00 and 8:15 Eastern (Fox Sports)
3) John 3:16 – Most searched Google term on Sunday

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. – John 3:16

Social Media Tim – Some astonishing Twitter numbers from Sunday. At 8:00PM Eastern the term “Tebow” was found in 6.46% of all tweets according to Trendistic, which tracks Twitter stats. Let that sink in for a moment. Twitter reported that “Tebow” exploded at a rate of 9,420 Tweets per second after the game winning pass. This was a new tweet/second record for a sporting event. Just out of this world.

Tebow Twitter Account @TimTebow shows over 916K Followers and an impressive 84 Klout
Tim Tebow Foundation @tebowfoundation 32K Followers
Tim’s Facebook Page has over 1.4 Million subscribers
and finally Tim’s Website

Tebow has had an incredible year, and has captured the attention of many nontraditional viewers. Expect the ratings to be sky high this Saturday night. Unfortunately , I think the party comes to an end in Foxboro as New England wins easily 31-6.

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