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Does anyone know CPR? – A Klout story

Boy it only seems like yesterday…

Wait, it was only yesterday…then later that afternoon

What the heck happened? What did I do, or what didn’t I do? How could I drop so much on the same day?

Undoubtedly many of the Klout faithful were disheartened about the sudden drop they experienced yesterday. Most of us that follow Klout regularly knew there was going to be a change. We thought it was going to be a tweak, not an avalanche. Listen, I’ve been a Klout advocate for the last 10 months. I’ve even predicted a Klout IPO in 2013. By the way, that’s usually a good thing for a company. I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid, but you let us down yesterday. We were expecting a little slap here, but instead we got sucker punched. I know people that went down 17-20 points. That’s just crazy. Was the “algorithm” that far off? Is it right now? I don’t think you can afford to change the “algorithm” this severely again without permanent damage. I know you’re trying to put the best service out there, and I love that, but this change was off the charts.

While I saw a few in the happy camp (if you’re going to track “influence” you might as well do it right) most suffered drops and needless to say were less than thrilled. My unofficial unscientific poll of 50 active users showed 42 Down, 3 (-1 to +1), and 5 Up. This doesn’t jive with the graph on your blog showing the highest percentage of users with little or no change.

For graph and full story from Klout – A More Accurate, Transparent Klout Score

What they are saying:

“The new changes to Klout favour people with engaged networks and content on a wide range of places. This makes sense because if you are truly an “online influencer” you should have fans commenting on and sharing your content in more than just one place.” Michael Todd (81 to 73)

“It doesn’t matter. Everyone’s score dropped. I don’t care.” Henk Willems (87 to 74)

“A 17 point drop based on what? Klout needs to be more transparent with what they base these scores on. I had 200 RT’s last week, greater than 1k mentions, been added to 100+ lists and I drop 17 points! Which of my networks added/subtracted to my score? What should I be doing more/less of to help my score? How has my increased activity and engagement with influencers DECREASED my klout? Does activity on Klout (+K’s, visiting profiles, getting achievements, being added to klout lists) count towards my scoring? I log in to my Dashboard and get “Hi Yashvir. Looking good!” — Gee, thanks Klout!” Yashvir Dalaya (74 to 57)

“I just feel a little betrayed. All of our activity on Klout supports Klout – everything that we do mentions Klout on our tweets. I know that people talk about “gaming” the system, but I don’t think that way, so I don’t understand it.”
Sally Witt (72 to 56)

Klout probably doesn’t need CPR, but they definitely took some heavy counter punches from the user base yesterday. I understand you can’t keep everyone happy, but you weren’t even close on this one. The majority of users declined so at least most of us were in the same boat. Heck, even Ashton Kutcher dropped a few points. I didn’t see or hear of anyone going from 68 to 83. Most of the up moves were from users with scores below 60. While Klout has always had its critics, I think that most users are fairly loyal. They’ll weather the storm. I hadn’t planned a third Klout post in a row, but with yesterday’s news I felt the need. This concludes the Klout trilogy.

Klout 200 – Tips and Best Practices

Last week we gave an intro to the world of Klout for those that were not familiar. Today we’ll conclude with tips and best practices for Klout.

These include:

1) Google Chrome and Klout Extension
2) Twitter
3) Klout Score Analysis
4) +K and Thank You’s
5) Klout Topics
6) Klout Profiles
7) Klout Achievements

Google Chrome and Klout Extension: Even if you’re not a Klout user I would recommend using Google Chrome as your browser. The toolbar is clean, not cumbersome, and Chrome provides the best experience for surfing. Internet Explorer (IE) is dead right now. Chrome has something called extensions that work to enhance certain programs and sites. Yes there is a Klout extension with Chrome that I highly recommend downloading. It will make your Klout experience that much more fruitful. Similar extensions available on Firefox and Opera.

Google Chrome Download

Klout Extension

You’ll see the arrows pointing at the K. The K appears next to handles in Twitter after the Klout Extension is downloaded. You can click on the K in Twitter to get to that profile.

Twitter: To really get the most out of Klout, you should really be using Twitter. Klout becomes difficult to manage if you are only on Facebook. Klout’s foundation is Twitter. Register today if you’re not on already on Twitter.

Klout Score Analysis: Each day your score updates and you’ll see the score action on a graph within your profile. Below is an example from my account.

+K and Thank You’s: +K is important part of Klout. +K are something you give to other Klout members in Topics were you’ve been influenced and/or because you like the person. They serve as a nice gesture to other members and are a good way to build rapport. When you first start with Klout you are given 5 +K’s per day to give out. It’s use them or lose them in that 24 hour period. Recently, active members were given 10 +K’s per day to disperse daily. Try to use your daily allotment whenever you’re online. People appreciated receiving these little nuggets. Finally, make sure to thank the person via a tweet, FB message on wall, or by reciprocating with +K back. There are automated Thank You’s within Klout that can be used as well.

Klout Topics: Based on the content of your messages the Klout program will generate Topics. Early on there was a lot of noise on this because Klout was generating Topics for users that had little or no relevance. That has died down, and the Topics generated are now generally on the mark. You also have the ability to hide a topic if you wish. I try to keep number of Topics at about 10 and have a few blocked currently. Topics are generated monthly. Below is an example of Topics.

Klout Profiles: Based on your messaging Klout will provide you with a Profile. An example of profiles includes Broadcaster, Feeder, Thought Leader, Pundit, Specialist and others. Again this is something Klout generates based on your content and behavior.

Klout Achievements: Klout gives you badges based on hitting certain milestones. These are fun and can automatically sent out via Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Below is an example of some of the badges.

Hopefully this provides a good overview of Klout and what it offers. It’s a fun part of the Social Media experience, and I foresee Klout being around for awhile. They continue to improve and enhance their service. Enjoy the Klout experience.

Klout 101 – Why aren’t you Registered?


Klout has been around since 2008 and measures influence online. If you’re online everyday and active on Twitter, FB or Google + you’ve undoubtedly heard of Klout. There are 100 Million registered Klout users, whether all of them know it or not. While Klout has it’s critics, no one can deny they’ve made an impact on the Social Media landscape in 2011.

I’ve noticed that many of my local friends that find their way to Facebook, Twitter, and Google + a few times a week have no clue about Klout. I usually start with it’s free, and you can get free stuff based on your “influence”. This stuff is called “Perks” in the world of Klout.

Identity Networks You must link to Klout through one of these networks
Google +
(coming soon)

Perks (Some that I’ve received)
Dick’s Sporting Goods $50 Gift Certificate
Subway $10 Gift Certificate
Itunes $15 Gift Certificate
Fox Windbreaker (very nice, although was small on me)
Weather Channel Umbrella (quality)

How to Register

Klout Registration <<< Click here

Registration takes about 20-30 seconds. It is very painless. You’ve registered, and are ready to go…

Below is the profile of my buddy Tony Bennett @SociallyGenius

Yours will look similar, but probably with a smaller score…

Additional Networks:

Once you’re registered you can add other networks that Klout supports including:

Do your thing! Don’t worry if your score is only 10. Just be yourself on your networks. We’ll talk about how scoring works in our next post Klout 200. For now its just about getting set up.